Printing Illustrator documents

Using the print options scripting feature, you can capture and automate parts of your print workflow. Scripting exposes the full capabilities of Illustrator printing, some of which may not be accessible through the application’s user interface.

Illustrator supports at most one print session at a time, because of limits in the current printing architecture.

The document object’s print command or method takes one optional parameter, which allows you to specify a print options object.

The print options object allows you to define print settings like PPD, PostScript options, paper options, and color-management options. The print options object also has a print preset property, which allows you to specify a preset to define your print job.

When defining the properties of a print options object, you can find out which printers, PPDs, print presets, and other items are available by using the application object’s read-only “list” properties, such as the printer list, PPD file list, and print presets list properties.